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Raiderz Skill Hidden Abilities

Raiderz Skill Hidden Abilities by Anip

Updated - 1-26-2013

Now... I am trying to find out exactly how many of these "Hidden Abilities" are in Skills when you reach a certain Rank.

BTW, as we all should know by now, RaiderZ NA is using the old KR version, such as we only have 2 Ranks of Uplift, while KR have 3 Ranks, not all skill act the same between NA and KR currently.
Which is why I placed some skills with KR Version.
(placed unconfirmed skills as -require more confirmation-)

Also, this Thread's purpose to to allow players to see exactly what some skills do that's not mentioned or can't be seen until a certain Rank.
And most info comes from the community itself, so as we share, we all learn.

Currently WE only know of:

- - - - - BERSERKER - - - - -
Crush - Rank 3 - Unblockable Effect

Dodge Attack - Rank 2 - Identify Weakness Effect (increase Phy Crit and Mag Crit by 10% for 4 sec)

Dodge Attack - Rank 3 - useable during Block animation
(requires more confirmation)

Furious Dash - Rank 2 - Immobilization Effects & Reduce Damage Taken by 10%.
(checking to see if Immobilization Effect is (remove effect) or (can't be immobilized) during Dash animation)

- - - - - SORCERER - - - - -
Rapid Blast - Rank 3 - Required for Flame Impact Knock Down and Knock Back Effect
(require more confirmation - Rapid Blast 3 + Rapid Blast 3 deal Knock back Effect)

Flame Impact - Rank 3 - Knock down and Knock back Effect
(requires both Rapid Blast 3 & Flame Impact 3 for 100% Effects)
(RB3 + Flame Impact 1 have 15% chance of Knock down Effect)
(RB3 + Flame Impact 2 have 30% chance of Knock down Effect)
(Flame Impact 1 & 2 Knock down may only work on mobs lower level than you)

Flame Impact - Rank 2~3 - Gains 8 unit range per Rank up
(I1H wpn range = 100, 2H wpn range = 175)

Flame Orb - Rank 2~3 - Gains 1 target per Rank up
(IE: at Rank 1 you hit 3 target, at Rank 5 you hit 5 targets)

Ice Thorn - Rank 5 - Target incapable of using Dodge
Ice Barrier - Rank 5 - Target incapable of using Dodge
(requires more confirmation)
(needs testing to see if it requires a prerequisite skill like RB3 + FI^)

- - - - - CLERIC - - - - -
Heal - Rank 2~5 - Gains 1 person healed per Rank up & reduce Cooldown by 1 sec per Rank up
(IE: at Rank 5, it heals a total of 7 people)
(IE: Rank 1 - 5 sec CD, Rank 4 - 2 sec CD, Rank 5 - 1 sec CD)

Orb of Judgement - Rank 2~3 - Gains 1 extra Orb per Rank up
(IE: at Rank 3, you get 3 Orbs instead of just 1)

- - - - - DEFENDER - - - - -
Rush - Rank 2 - useable during Block animation
(requires more confirmation)

Rush - Rank 3 - Stun Effect
(requires more confirmation)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

None Written Abilities with just Rank 1 Skills (and most ranks afterwards)

- - - - - BERSERKER - - - - -
Crush - Rank 1 - Knock down Effect

Dodge Attack - Rank 1 - Flinch Effect

Buffalo Charge - Rank 1 - Knock down and Knock back Effect
(If all 3 attacks hit) (2H Mace have a wider range) (cannot be Flinch during animation)

Neutralize - Rank 1 - Flinch Effect

Berserk - Rank 1 - Flinch Effect on targets near you

Nocturne - Rank 1 - Knock down, Knock back, Unblockable and Undodgeable Effect
(cannot be Flinch during animation)

Upward Strike - Rank 1 - Flinch Effect

Bash - Rank 1 - Knock down, knock back, Unblockable and Undodgeable Effect

Armageddon Crush - Rank 1 - Flinch Effect
(Knock down Effect when chain from Dodge Attack)

Grievous Wounds - Rank 1~2 - when crit, deal 2~3% / 2~6% of dmg done every 2 sec, increase chance to deal physical crit on target by 3/5%, reduce target move speed by 10%
(Slow move speed is said to be broken currently)
(unable to really test if crit increases on target, can't see debuff description on target)

Grievous Wounds - Rank 1~2 - KR version - when crit, deal 10/14% of dmg done every 2 sec, increase chance to deal physical crit on target by 3/5%, reduce target move speed by 10%

Vanquish - Rank 1 - Knock down, Knock back, Unblockable and Undodgeable Effect

Tornado - Rank 1 - cannot be Flinch during animation

- - - - - SORCERER - - - - -
Fire Magic Effect - 3.5% Magic Attack increase per stack
(IE: 10.5% with 3 stack)

Ice Magic Effect - 3.5% Reduced Cast Time
(IE: 10.5% with 3 stack, 0.75 becomes 0.67)

Flame Arrow - Rank 1 - Deal 15~25% of Original Damage Done on Target every 2 sec for 4 sec
(IE: 500 dmg done on target deal 75~125 dmg every 2 sec, total Ticks = 3)
(seems it disregards Crit Damage and only counts what the damage would be if it didn't crit)
(requires more confirmation - trying to self test in HH on tiny spiders of same level)

Rapid Blast - Rank 1 - Flinch Effect

Flame Impact - Rank 1 - Flinch Effect

Flame Orb - Rank 1 - Unblockable Effect
(requires Rapid Blast Rank 3)

Flame Orb - Rank 1 - Knock down and Knock back Effect

Pillar of Fire - Rank 1 - Flinch Effect on Initial hit
(Will not Flinch Target if they're knock down - will do opposite effect instead, it makes target recover from knock down faster)

Burning Meteor - Rank 1 - Knock down and Unblockable Effect

Flame Tornado - Rank 1 - gives Dodge Effect on first explosion
(shown on other player's screen during PvP - teleportation effect - but it's actually a server lag issue)

Ice Arrow - Rank 1 - when hit a Sub-Zero affected target, deal additional 195% damage
(for better understanding, Cold Wave will not trigger this effect)

Cold Wave - Rank 1 - give a Cold Wave effect that act the same way as Frostbite Effect
(for better understanding, does not give Sub-Zero Effect)

- - - - - CLERIC - - - - -
Divine Punishment - Rank 1 - Flinch Effect

Hammer of Judgement - Rank 1 - Flinch and Unblockable Effect

Focus Strike - Rank 1 - Flinch Effect

Healing Strike - Rank 1 - Flinch Effect

Circle of Healing - Rank 1 - Increase Healing inside Circle by 15%

Circle of Punishment - Rank 1~5 - every 2 sec for 8 sec
R1 - 26% Magic Attack
R2 - 30% Magic Attack
R3 - 34% Magic Attack
R4 - 38% Magic Attack
R5 - 42% Magic Attack

Circle of Punishment - Rank 1 - Increase ALL Damage inside the Circle by 5%
(Whirlpool of Light when cast inside Circle deal Double Hit Effect)
(not sure if Circle effect stacks - requires more confirmation)

Circle of Punishment - Rank 3 - KR version - reduce Defense of targets by 2.5%
Circle of Punishment - Rank 5 - KR version - reduce Defense of targets by 5%

Uplift - Rank 1~3 - KR version - 5/10/15% on magic attack to restore 10 Stamina, increase all dmg done by 10% for 8 sec
(Circle of Punishment's ALL Damage inside Circle increased while Uplift is active)

Orb of Punishment - Rank 1 - Flinch Effect when hit by physical/ melee attack

Salvation - Rank 1 - Casting Time reduced by 50% during Possession

Storm of Judgement - Rank 1 - deal additional 130% damage and Flinch targets affected by Circle of Punishment

Nimble Healer - Rank 1~2 - Reduce Energy Cost of Heal and Revitalize by 5/10%

- - - - - DEFENDER - - - - -
Rush - Rank 1 - Flinch Effect

Stunning Smash - Rank 1 - Flinch Effect

Stunning Smash - Dodge Effect during animation

Massive Strike - Dodge Effect during animation

Rapid Assault - Rank 1 - Refreshes Counterstrike's Duration

Shield Slam - Rank 1 - Generate Aggro
(requires more confirmation)

Chaotic Strike - Rank 1 - Flinch Effect

Chaotic Strike - Rank 1~3 - Stamina Restore per Target Hit
(IE: 1 Target = 30/40/50 Stamina Restored)
(IE: 2 Targets = 60/80/100 Stamina Restored)
(requires more confirmation)

Cyclone Strike - Rank 1 - Dodge Effect during animation and Flinch Effect

PS: I don't have a Defender ._.

So... what else is there?
Have you guys noticed anything else that wasn't written in the Tooltips?

Also if it hasn't been mentioned before, skills that say "x every 2 seconds for 8 seconds" really does x 5 times, not 4 because of the initial burst

Take revitalize, for example: Heal 44% of your m. attack every 2 seconds for 8 seconds

You would think it's 4(0.44x) but it's really 5(0.44x) with x being magic damage because of the initial heal when you first cast it (and then 4 more after that every 2 seconds, for the next 8)

... Basically all skill that deal "over time Effect" all have "Initial" effects.

So if it says something like deal 3 times in 3 seconds, it actually deals 4 times in 3 second. ...

... Here's something most people don't know. Increasing the level of Flame Impact actually increases its range by a few units. Not a lot, just 8 units per level, but still very tangible for the caster. As a reference, 1h sword and mace attacks are considered 100 units, while 2h sword and hammer attacks are 175 units.
Incidentally, CoP extends 60 units outside of the shiny circle.

... Seems like most AoE on ground skills extend farther than the Graphic Image depicts.

... being NONE of the skills says their Range except for some AoE about how large a zone their attacks will hit. (which basically means almost all Skills have a range Hidden Ability...)

... edit: It's also worth mentioning that non-target aoe spells can't be blocked even with bastion. ...
As far as I know, the only non-target AoE spells that you can block are Divine Punishment and Rapid Blasts. Everything else is either unblockable or has a location modifier.

Credits Given to EVERYONE

Grand Wall Node Map

Grand Wall Node Map:

The Grand Wall is one of the most common farming spots of high level Ores at the end of the game, primarily because it's one of the only places. The Grand Walls deposits work in various clusters when I'm farming. Depending on how many people are there I run three different routes. Normally I run Red and Blue, but if it's busy I just run green.

Grand Wall Node Route Map

Grand Wall Node Route 1: RED

The first cluster is the entrance of the Grand Wall which yields three next the road. From there generally you will want to head north on the roadside to the east of the Reinforcement camp. Afterwards loop around the north end of the hill and pick up the node right below the Medic's office and head north from there. Once I hit the mountain, I go left and circle back down to the entrance.

(sometimes I go right to pick up the nodes and then go left)

Grand Wall Node Route 2: GREEN

The second route is the faster/easier route, but generally you are waiting a little longer for nodes to spawn. It's simply circling the lake constantly for Nodes. You will normally find this is a good place to farm if you are multitasking.

Grand Wall Node Route 3: BLUE

The third Grand Wall Node Route I use begins with the three at the entrance and moves to the node on the west side of the reinforcement camp. Afterwards I head south and circle the lake before heading back to the initial three nodes. This route is nice because it solves the lake node spawn issue a little bit.

Hope this helps people.

Friday, January 25, 2013

PvP Needs a Revamp

Recently I've been getting into a lot of duals/2v1s in PvP and I've come to the conclusion that PvP really needs a revamp. Each time, the matches went on for about five to ten minutes with nobody dying.

When players are similarly geared/leveled in Raiderz it is virtually impossible to kill anybody remotely competent. I had a Sorcerer who was really good playing against me on my cleric, getting me down to over halfway in health twice, which is rare. I then started to heal more actively and dodging and I was back to full health. He simply ran an dodged my attacks until his health slowly regenerated. It wasn't until I finally got bored that I started to run off to kill mobs. He then started to attack me while I was killing mobs. I killed the mobs, healed, and continued to do what I wanted until he realized it would take forever to kill me and walked away as well.

This is common in Raiderz, and that makes me sad.

I feel that damage needs to be tuned up quite a bit in PvP because with all the avoidance each class has, not tuning it up will result in more anti-fun fights. Raiderz PvP has gotten really stale since the zones themselves are bland and boring, but to couple the fact that you need to either out gear or outnumber your opponent to kill them, it's just dull.

Instead, I recommend that there need to be more snares or damage output to offset the annoyance of getting into long fights where nobody dies. I also believe there need to be some battle grounds if this game is ever going to be taken seriously. World PvP in a small zone is not 'world pvp'.

Overall, I think that PvP in Raiderz needs to re tune their PvP and add a reason to PvP.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Raiderz Party Guide

Raiderz Party Guide

This Raiderz Party guide is meant to help people who are starting out understand their roles as well as what hurts a group in parties. Since Raiderz is different from most other MMOs I've noticed a lot of players really struggling with the concept of ROLES. I've seen Clerics deal damage and only heal themselves and I've seen Defenders let Berserkers tank because they wanted to deal damage. I've also seen Berserkers whine about not being healed while running all over the place avoiding heals. This Raiderz Party guide is meant to help address some of that.

The first thing I will touch on in this Raiderz Party guide is the concept of Roles. Previous MMOs dictated that there is a tank, a healer, and three dps. This hasn't changed. What has changed is what is expected of each of the roles now.

Tanks used to hold aggro while dps bashed the monster mercilessly. This has changed in that defenders can't soak all the hits so they need to kite a bit. Defenders are expected to do heavy CC to the mobs they are tanking and actively block as well as dodge the attacks. Because of this, tanking has more kiting to it, especially if the Defender gets low on health. This can frustrate DPS who just want the mobs/boss to stand still. Understand that sometimes the defender needs to dodge and run. Just run with him.

DPS now plays a much more active role as well. DPS needs to actively dodge and block as much damage as possible. If you are a DPS and don't actively dodge/block, you will die. The way clerics are set up in this game doesn't promote a group that takes huge damage. DPS also should be aware that when they pull aggro it's best to bring the monster back to the group that the Defender is holding if they want the monster off them. This allows the defender to get the mob off of you. If you run around yelling heal, chances are nothing will happen. You are also responsible for CCing when you can to keep the group slowed or knocked down.

Healers have the most frustrating job of all in Raiderz. Primarily because the way their heals function. In Raiderz Clerics have the difficult task of casting AoE heals on their team. If a team is close together and all of them are inside the heal ring, its easy. As soon as one player starts running around, it becomes very hard. Lets say a tank has 80% health, and two berserkers have 60% and 30%. If they stay relatively close, the Clerics heal will bring the Defender up to 90%, the first berserker up to 70% and the last berserker up to 40%. This will happen at the cost of one spell cast. Lets say MR. 30% decides to run out of the group yelling heal. The Cleric will have to heal him at the cost of one cast, then heal the other two at the cost of one cast, costing double the energy and taking twice as long. This means also that by this time the the Defender and 60% zerk, are probably both at their original values or lower since they probably took damage.

That brings me to my next point. DODGING MITIGATES DAMAGE, NOT RUNNING AROUND THE ENTIRE DAMN ROOM. If you are a berserker, stay with the group and take the group heals and when the enemy attacks, dodge. In the same scenario above, if all three players in the fray can dodge to avoid damage and let the Cleric get multiple heals off, they will all be 100% in no time.

One of the best parts about Raiderz is the active element in it, but as a result I think we have players who feel the need to run all over the place to avoid damage when you can avoid it while standing right next to the boss.

The key elements I hope people pull away from this Raiderz Party Guide is that dodging is important for everybody, and if you're going to run around, run around as a group.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Making Gold In Raiderz

Well, obviously the easiest way to make gold is to buy a cash shop item and sell it at the auction house, but this will revolve around people who want to make gold without spending real money. There are really only a few methods that I recommend doing and they vary based on what you're in the mood for.

Option 1: Mining/Mob Farming

This is my least favorite method of making gold. The materials you gather in mining can be sold regularly for decent amounts of silver or gold and the nodes are everywhere if you go to a less populated channel. By doing this in the endgame zones you can farm materials and money from the mobs as well. This method is long and boring and results in very low generation of gold, but it may be necessary if you can't do the other methods for some reason.

Option 2: Dailies

This you should be doing constantly anyway. Run your epics and hellhound dailies for bonus gold. This will generate quite a bit of gold constantly and if you're lucky on drops is the second best method of earning gold.

Option 3: Play the market (requires gold to make gold)

This is always my personal favorite method of generating gold in all MMOs. All you really need to do this is have knowledge of what the most popular items/materials are in game and how much they sell for on average. The easy way to do this is write down a list of 10-20 items that are high demand, like rare materials for certain armor and beycium. Everyday in the morning and the evening search these 10-20 items at the Traders post and write down their prices. Do this for a week.

Chances are you will end up noticing a pattern where certain things sell better different days and a difference between morning or evening prices. You will also know what the average price for one of those items is and be able to identify if a lot are significantly below price.

Now, every day when you check, look for items that are either selling below the median or that will sell for more in the evening. The key with this method is to understand margins. For example, some people look for that 50g item that's selling for 40g. They see 10g, but what they forget is that item doesn't have a lot of buyers and the margin is 20%. Compared to lets say if an item normally sells for 2g but is currently selling for 1g. Investing 40g in this item will result in earning 80g. Even if you listed it at 1.5g you will make more gold.

The real money is in small items since normally people won't even notice that all 300 of some low level item was bought up and re listed for twice the price.

Also, pay attention to weekends in the information you gather. I used to make thousands of gold in Warcraft by buying items on the weekend and selling them on weekdays or vice versa.

These are my tips for making gold in Raiderz. Good luck!

Monday, December 31, 2012

Raiderz Stats

This is a quick look at stats and what they do in Raiderz. In Raiderz stats are the main component of determining the effectiveness of various skills since all of them multiply off of your base stats. Because of that it's important to know what they do.

STR: Strength increases physical damage.
AGI: Agility increases dodge and critical hit for both Magic and Physical Attack
INT: Magic damage and energy pool
VIT: Vitality is your health
CHA: Energy Regen is based on your charisma.
STA: Stamina points

Because of what each stats effect each class has a certain hierarchy of stats depending on what they are trying to accomplish.

Berserker: STR > AGI > STA >= VIT

Strength is most important on a Berserker since he is a damage dealer and all his skills multiply off it. Agility is second most important because it helps with crit which also aids in damage output. Personally, I put stamina and vitality as equals. Realistically you won't actually be trying to gear for either of those but will gain them passively.

Defender: VIT >= STR > AGI >= STA

Defenders are a strange class. Ideally you want to balance vitality and strength because you need to still do damage while soaking it, and generally you should be blocking most of the damage you have incoming. Stamina and agility are about as important as each other because Defender doesn't really need crit chance since he has a skill that will give 100% crit chance to the next skill anyway and has Stamina regen abilities.

Cleric: INT > CHA > AGI

Clerics really should be focusing purely on Int. Realistically it increases the potency of your heals and your mana pool which are the two things you want most. Although Charm will increase your EP regen, you have skills that do that. Agility is only if you're pushing for additional damage but Int still has more effect.

Sorcerer: INT > AGI > VIT

Sorcerers should be purely stacking INT when possible. Although Agility offers some nice crits, your overall damage will increase with INT. I only place vitality as an option since there are a lot of sorcerers that can be one shot. You should try to get just enough vitality that you can survive one shot from a boss, just in case.

Sorcerer PvE Build

This Raiderz Sorcerer build revolves around doing the maximum amount of damage. Positioning and awareness is key when using this build because it doesn't have many of the snares that frost brings to the table since this is almost a pure fire build.

Pros and Cons:


Highest Damage Output
Can sustain mana with skills


Can't kite very well
No escape mechanisms
Skill Build:

Tier 1:

1/3 Flame Arrow: You purchase this skill for both a ranged attack and proc your fire magic damage increase skill from range, and sort of because you have to.

1/5 Rapid Blasts: Close range very fast attack that's part of your burst combo. Does solid damage but only one point because we're going for big hits.

1/3 Ice Arrow: Range attack with a slow. One of your only snares and best way to stack your frost magic passive for haste.

1/5 Ice Thorns: AoE damage and slow. Necessary for both escape and chasing enemies as well as stacking frost magic passive for haste.

5/5 Magic Mastery: 10% increase in damage. Enough said.
Tier 2:

3/5 Flame Impact: Close range very fast attack that's part of your burst combo. Does great damage and its only not maxed to spend points elsewhere.

3/3 Meditation: You will be spamming spells to maximize damage and you can run out of EP fast. Normally I prefer not to max these skills, but Sorc is a mana hog.

Tier 3:

3/3 Flame Orb: Strong AoE ranged attack. The burst on this spell is powerful, it's a flame arrow on steriods. 

3/3 Intricacy: Increased damage from crits by 15%, this will add up quite a bit over the course of a fight and stacks well with many of your spells. Highly recommended.

Tier 4:

4/5 Pillar of Fire: Very heavy AoE damage and at level four the Cooldown is only 18 seconds. This spell is your powerhouse during AoE pulls and on bosses. It's instant cast as well so it hits fast and hard.

1/3 Magic Crystal: Purely for more EP generation since you will be spammy. 

Tier 5:

1/5 Burning Meteor: Huge AoE damage and knockdown. This skill has less usefulness in PvE than it does in PvP because of the long cooldown.

3/3 Flame Armor: Increased magic damage.

1/2 Elemental Harmony: Increase to casting speed and more importantly movement speed. This skill helps in both damage and survivability, although primarily taken for the damage.

Tier 6:

1/3 Wisdom: Taken for the increased critical again. The additional points don't pay off as well as the first point so only one is necessary.

Tier 7:

1/3 Flame Tornado: Instant cast AoE damage and movement speed increase to self. Good for both damage in PvE and PvP and escape in both. This spell is strong and should be used in conjunction with other AoEs to do a pounding.

2/2 Imbalance: Your spells will cause a stacking debuff on the enemy. Great for increasing damage during boss fights. Will probably be up the entire fight for a 6% overall increase in damage.

What about other trees?
Some people opt to move into the starter skills of other trees. I don't see a reason to with sorcerer since so many heavy damage spells are available to them. There is no reason to look for self heals because honestly, this build requires a player to be aware and actively dodge and at high levels sorcerer's won't survive a hit anyway. 

Why no Frost?
Frost skills are tailored for PvP. Actually, even in my PvP build for Sorcerers I generally only put one point in each frost skill. Fire is so powerful that it can't be ignored, this build takes the high damage and pumps it up a notch. The only way this is possible is by taking the five points or so a player would put into frost and stack them into fire.

Meteor vs Pillar
For PvE purposes Pillar is the way to go. The low Cooldown makes this skill frequently up for group mob pulls. It also is instant cast which makes it great for casting and getting away since you will be required to actively dodge.

Cloth is the only set I personally would use. A lot of people opt for leather though. I find that leather lacks the intellect you would want on it and doesn't offer enough survivability for the damage lost. It offers more agility which will increase your critical rate, which is huge for fire, but in the end I still prefer cloth for the pure Int/EP.

Some people go sword and board. I personally prefer staff. The fact is, you should be trying to actively dodge because in the end that shield probably isn't saving you.

Pure intellect. Sorcerer's are casters and are expected to do heavy damage. Only intellect offers the means to do this and if a player opts to aim for EP they're losing damage output.

This build is meant to be a glass cannon style build. As a glass cannon it requires players to be on their toes and aware of incoming damage to avoid it. This build has a decent amount of instant casts so players can react and dodge. Take advantage of that. In Raiderz sorcerers aren't allowed to sit back and just cast one low damage spell, they need to blow the enemy up.