Friday, November 30, 2012

Defender PvP/PvE Build

Defenders are the tank class in PvE for Raiderz and the crowd control/initiator of PvP in Raiderz. This makes them a very powerful class in the game. Looking at the Defender skill tree can be one of the most difficult tasks because every skill appears useful. This is different from other classes that blatantly have less useful skills.

Pros and Cons:

High Survivability
High Mobility
High CC

Medium Damage
Timing based

Skill Build:

Tier 1:

5/5 Strike of Ruin: Heavy damage along with a sure crit on the next strike. This skill is great for getting a combo started.

1/5 Stunning Smash: Although the name makes you think there will be a stun, it's actually an interrupt that allows you to get in there and start your combo.

1/3 Rush: A chase and stun maneuver. It also triggers counterattack which is a key element in playing Defenders.

5/5 One-Handed Weapon Mastery: 10% increase do One-Handed Damage. Enough said.

Tier 2:

4/5 Massive Strike: I would 5/5 this if points allowed. Massive damage with stun.

1/3 Comeback: Small heal. Mostly taken to get at damage reduction skills.

Tier 3:

1/3 Piercing Strike: Stacking magic and defense reduction. Great for PvE although in PvP very few targets will stay in place long enough to land it consistently.

1/3 Rapid Assault: A stun that does not remove counterattack makes this a nice one for stopping/stunlocking enemies. It's also a stepping stone to Shield Slam.

2/3 Defense Mastery: Increases the chance to fully block attacks and increases damage reduction. Great for PvE and if you have fantastic timing in PvP.

Tier 4:

1/3 Chaotic Strike: Damage attack that interrupts and regains your stamina if it lands. It's a nice skill to have in both PvE and PvP.

4/5 Slam: I would 5/5 this if points allowed. Massive damage and stun.

1/3 Bastion: Damage reduction increased by 20% but mostly taken because it allows you to block unblockable attacks.

Tier 5:

1/5 Shield Slam: A very powerful skill. I would place more points in this if they were available. It's a very powerful attack with a stun.

1/2 Resilience: When blocking successfully it increases stamina regeneration. It also adds stamina regen to Comeback. Great skill for PvE but doesn't warrant two points.

Tier 6:

1/3 Cyclone Strike: Decent attack damage but offers a 10% attack speed buff. Worth one point, no more though.

1/1 Evasive Strike: This is your only legitimate escape if you're caught off guard. Necessary.

1/3 Impact Recovery: Party damage reduction buff. Good for both PvE and PvP.

Tier 7:

1/3 Steel Wall: Very large group damage reduction. Great for both PvE and PvP.

Sorcerer Tier 1:

1/3 Ice Arrow: Good for pulling and chasing enemies. The best part is it can be cast while moving.

1/5 Ice Thorns: AoE slow. Primarily used for grouping mobs in PvE and snaring players in PvP.

Why no shouts?

The skills are nice but at this stage in the game they don't really bring a huge benefit to the table. Most classes are able to regulate their stamina and energy effectively. Bringing the extra damage to the table helps more in both PvP and PvE.

Why go into Sorcerer Tree?

Defenders don't have a ranged pull for PvE so Ice Arrow is helpful in that. They have stuns in PvP but if they can't slow to catch a player those stuns are useless, it also adds an escape mechanism for them.

Plate. No arguments. Just plate.

Sword and Board. By far the best option but also using mace and shield is viable.

Strength. Some people may argue to gem for survivability but Defenders don't need more, they have plenty. Strength adds to their damage output, helping in PvP and PvE.

The toughest part of defenders is that they have so many viable skills. Defenders are a stun heavy class that are made to mitigate boss damage while dishing out some pain. In PvP they are made to bait, dive, and CC. This build sets them up for large amounts of damage and CC while maintaining most of their tankiness for PvE.


  1. thx dude
    and ur biuld is th ebest i have seen

  2. dude and i should master plate armor?

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  3. Personally I like to keep my Combo's short with defender for more of an in and out to stun. What I like to do is dive in with Rush to stun and get a counter attack up, strike of ruin then Massive Strike to knock them down, then stunning smash/shield slam combo. After that I normally dodge out for a minute for Stamina before starting it over.

  4. Replies
    1. I use shield slap after stunning smash in my combo.

    2. but we put 5 points in slam i cannot find a place in a combo for it or when use it

    3. Sorry, I thought you were talking about shield slam.

      You need to have counterattack up to use it. You can trigger counterattack by using rush or by blocking an enemy attack. I tend to use it often just from the counterattacks triggered by blocking.

      Generally I use this skill all the time after my combo is done because I block, trigger a counterattack, and use it. I highly recommend it especially for duels.

  5. Replies
    1. I know it sounds silly, but whenever. By that I mean, I look at my stamina and if it's not an issue and the enemy is in range and I have the time, I pepper it in.

  6. hey, im guessing your level 35? which build do you think is better for endgame? Defender DPS Build or Defender PvP/PvE?
    which is better for soloing? is it good to solo end game so you get the drops?
    is it better to full spec tank for epic dungeons? whats the go? Thanks :)

    1. Full on tank is a huge amount of mitigation and somewhat unnecessary. For soloing I generally prefer the PvP/PvE Hybrid since it mixes damage and survival which is what you want for soloing..

  7. hey man, my ice arrow don't work, why? i'm a defender lvl 32

    1. Hm. Unless they changed something it should. Sword and Board is same equip a sorc can use unless they changed something.

  8. Hey man
    This build is better for pvp ?

    Thanks for information, i'm new Raiderz player.

    Sorry for my bad english, I'm brazilian.

    1. Hello Vini F !

      I'm certainly not as good as Lucaria but I've been playing this game full time for a week.

      I think defender is one of the best class in PvP, I'm currently using the "PVE build" and tried some pvp, it's really strong. For instance with one combo you can easily do 1.5 k damage.

      The best way to play defender AFAIK is to try to land a rush then stun lock your target(s). If you miss the rush it's better to stay back and use Ice blast / Ice thorns until the spell is available again.
      I'm actually leveling a cleric i can help you if you want.

    2. please, tell-me about your combo.