Friday, November 30, 2012

Berserker PvE Build

Berserkers can be looked at as the cookie cutter class of Raiderz. They are very easy to play initially but at high levels players find themselves fumbling with Berserkers. The class is heavily dependent on stamina and timing in order to stay alive, but when played well they can offer massive damage for the group.

Pros and Cons:

Heavy Damage
High Mobility
High HP

In melee range
Stamina depletes quickly

Skill Build:

Tier 1:

5/5 Crush: Your main damage dealing ability as well as a powerful knockdown. This skill should be taken immediately and a point put in pretty much every chance until maxed.

2/3 Dodge Attack: A second point is taken partially because you have to, and partially because at level two it exposes weaknesses in enemies.

5/5 War Weapon Mastery: 10% increase to damage. Enough Said.

Tier 2:

3/3 Neutralize: Key combo starter and interrupt for players and mobs alike. This skill is necessary.

Tier 3:

5/5 Nocturne: Instant cast extremely powerful attack. Each level increases its damage by 60% offering one of the best returns on investments.

3/3 No Mercy: Increased critical damage. Enough said.

Tier 4:

1/3 Upward Strike: Dodge and counter attack with an expose weakness. Nice skill overall but doesn't warrant more than one point.

Tier 5:

1/3 Bash: Taken primarily for the knockback. Although this skill can be a lifesaver it is also one of the most annoying skills a Berserker can use while in a group.

2/5 Armageddon Crush: A double attack that does decent damage.

2/2 Grievous Wound: Overall great skill. Decreases targets movement speed so you can chase them when they start to run off. Helps with annoying mobs in PvE and PvP.

Tier 6:

2/5 Crushing: Would put five points here if I could. Although it can only chain after crush or upward strike it is a powerful attack.

1/1 Escape: It can save your life in PvE when you get in over your head, as well as PvP. It's a necessary skill given that Berserkers don't have a way to heal or any solid escape mechanisms.

Tier 7:

1/3 Tornado: AoE damage skill that offers four strikes. This skill has close to the output of Nocturne in AoE form. This is a great skill.

2/2 Blood of the Berserker: Some people do not agree with putting two points in this skill but personally I love it. You need the increased movement speed, damage, and stamina and since you will be in melee range in all fights you can expect to be using it.

What happened to the berserk tree?

All the skills are more heavily associated with PvP and have little PvE use. This is the primary difference between a Berserker that wishes to push PvE over PvP. While Berserking is one of the key aspects of the class, auto attacks are easy to land on mobs so you should active Berserk without issue.

Why no Buffalo Charge?

I don't like it. It's just not a great skill. You will find that you're running on empty stamina more often than you'd expect as is. Adding another skill isn't necessary.

Chain. Some players opt to go plate but you're a damage dealer. Chain is the way to go since it offers the most strength which will result in a huge increase to damage.

Great sword. Some people opt for hammer but I don't see a point unless you're hybrid Cleric. Great swords have the highest damage output.

Strength. You're not a tank, you're a damage dealer. Strength is your primary damage dealing stat and should be compounded.

Berserkers require great timing and stamina management to be effective. Although they are the cookie cutter class they can be classified as easy to pick up, hard to master because of stamina management. The major mistake most Berserkers make is they blow all their CDs and have no way to avoid damage. Dead dps does less dps.


  1. Why is there no tranquility or berserk?

  2. 2/5 Crushing: Would put five points here if I could. Although it can only chain after crush or upward strike it is a powerful attack.
    i dont see a crushing but i see a vanquish is that the same thing?

  3. why is there no tranquility or berserk?

    1. because this guide is old its 2012 guide google saying its 2014 or up due to the comments