Friday, November 30, 2012

Sorcerer PvP/PvE Build

Oddly enough a Sorcerer glass cannon build is what is best for PvP and PvE. Obviously there are several deviations people can make on preference but for the most part PvP and PvE builts follow the same structure. In both instances the goal is maximum damage output and since in Raiderz players can dodge and avoid damage naturally, glass cannon is much more viable.

Pros and Cons:

Extremely High Damage Output
Crowd Control
Sought after for PvE and PvP

Squishy if caught
Very timing sensitive

Skill Build:

Tier 1:

1/3 Flame Arrow: You purchase this skill for both a ranged attack and proc your fire magic damage increase skill from range, and sort of because you have to.

5/5 Rapid Blasts: Close range very fast attack that's part of your burst combo. Does great damage.

1/3 Ice Arrow: Range attack and necessary to get other skills.

1/5 Ice Thorns: AoE damage and slow. Necessary for both escape and chasing enemies.

5/5 Magic Mastery: 10% increase in damage. Enough said.

Tier 2:

5/5 Flame Impact: Close range very fast attack that's part of your burst combo. Does great damage.

1/3 Meditation: Mostly because you need something to regenerate EP.

Tier 3:

1/3 Flame Orb: Strong AoE ranged attack. Very nice for ranged pokes in PvP and attacking group at range in PvE.

1/3 Cold Wave: Mostly taken for the 30% decrease in movement speed.

1/3 Ice Barrier: AoE damage and CC. This is useful for grouping in PvE and PvP.

Tier 4:

3/5 Pillar of Fire: Very heavy AoE damage. When used with frost CC this skill is devastating in both PvE and PvP.

Tier 5:

3/5 Burning Meteor: Huge AoE damage and knockdown. This skill is great when used with frost CC and Fire Pillar.

3/3 Flame Armor: Increased magic damage.

1/5 Cold Wave: Instant cast AoE damage and movement speed reduction. This skill is necessary for escaping in both PvE and PvP.

1/2 Elemental Harmony: Increase to casting speed and more importantly movement speed. This skill helps in both damage and survivability.

Tier 6:

1/1 Crystallization: Absolutely mandatory for PvE and PvP. This skill not only saves your bacon by making you immune to all damage for two seconds, but anybody in range of you when the time is up gets frozen. This skill can be used as an escape but can also be used to bait offensively.

Tier 7:

1/3 Flame Tornado: Instant cast AoE damage and movement speed increase to self. Good for both damage in PvE and PvP and escape in both.

What about other trees?

Some people opt to move into the starter skills of other trees. I don't see a reason to with sorcerer. The fact is Sorcerers have so many escape mechanisms that I couldn't fathom a situation where if your Sorcerer skills can't get you out, that another classes level 1 skill will. Some people opt to take divine punishment for a quick damage boost an interrupt.

How is this a PvP build?

A lot of people think that to be a PvP build Sorcerers should spec into frost. This simply isn't true because one point in the frost talents give you significant slows and okay damage. All putting additional points does there is take away damage that could burn your enemies to the ground.

Meteor vs Pillar

A lot of people opt to put more points into Pillar of Fire. Personally I like splitting them for the additional damage as a compromise. Although for consistent regular damage Pillar is preferred, I find that most players try to time their CDs to blow up simultaneously. 

Cloth is the only set I personally would use. A lot of people opt for leather though. I find that leather lacks the intellect you would want on it and doesn't offer enough survivability for the damage lost.

Some people go sword and board. I personally prefer staff. The fact is, Sorcerer's have a lot of escape mechanisms. More survivability shouldn't be necessary for them as a class.

Pure intellect. Sorcerer's are casters and are expected to do heavy damage. Only intellect offers the means to do this and if a player opts to aim at survivability they will be horribly disappointed.

This build is meant to be a glass cannon style build. Fortunately Sorcerers have a plethora of viable damage/CC abilities in the frost tree available to them as well. This means that Sorcerers might be one of the most versatile classes when it comes to PvE and PvP. The skills chosen allow for massive burst on the fire end as well as plenty of escapes on the frost end.


  1. Replies
    1. I tend to jump in and just skill dump my big hits and run out. For me it's always been about landing meteor and pillar.

      I guess if I had to say a combo I REALLY love is using Crystalization to freeze all my enemies in a pillar of fire. Otherwise at range you use either flame orb or ice bolt. In mid range, you lay out Thorns to slow enemies to set up AoE fire skills like meteor and pillar. I also like to use a lot of rapid blasts and flame impact for the quick beatings.

  2. sir, there is a wrong name of skill on tier 3 (cold wave = ice orb)

  3. Lucarda, RaiderZ's level cap has increased to 40.What do you think the last 5 skill points should be spent on?

  4. Replies
    1. because intricacy is new.. this post is old.. intricacy comes with up to lvl 40