Monday, December 31, 2012

Sorcerer PvE Build

This Raiderz Sorcerer build revolves around doing the maximum amount of damage. Positioning and awareness is key when using this build because it doesn't have many of the snares that frost brings to the table since this is almost a pure fire build.

Pros and Cons:


Highest Damage Output
Can sustain mana with skills


Can't kite very well
No escape mechanisms
Skill Build:

Tier 1:

1/3 Flame Arrow: You purchase this skill for both a ranged attack and proc your fire magic damage increase skill from range, and sort of because you have to.

1/5 Rapid Blasts: Close range very fast attack that's part of your burst combo. Does solid damage but only one point because we're going for big hits.

1/3 Ice Arrow: Range attack with a slow. One of your only snares and best way to stack your frost magic passive for haste.

1/5 Ice Thorns: AoE damage and slow. Necessary for both escape and chasing enemies as well as stacking frost magic passive for haste.

5/5 Magic Mastery: 10% increase in damage. Enough said.
Tier 2:

3/5 Flame Impact: Close range very fast attack that's part of your burst combo. Does great damage and its only not maxed to spend points elsewhere.

3/3 Meditation: You will be spamming spells to maximize damage and you can run out of EP fast. Normally I prefer not to max these skills, but Sorc is a mana hog.

Tier 3:

3/3 Flame Orb: Strong AoE ranged attack. The burst on this spell is powerful, it's a flame arrow on steriods. 

3/3 Intricacy: Increased damage from crits by 15%, this will add up quite a bit over the course of a fight and stacks well with many of your spells. Highly recommended.

Tier 4:

4/5 Pillar of Fire: Very heavy AoE damage and at level four the Cooldown is only 18 seconds. This spell is your powerhouse during AoE pulls and on bosses. It's instant cast as well so it hits fast and hard.

1/3 Magic Crystal: Purely for more EP generation since you will be spammy. 

Tier 5:

1/5 Burning Meteor: Huge AoE damage and knockdown. This skill has less usefulness in PvE than it does in PvP because of the long cooldown.

3/3 Flame Armor: Increased magic damage.

1/2 Elemental Harmony: Increase to casting speed and more importantly movement speed. This skill helps in both damage and survivability, although primarily taken for the damage.

Tier 6:

1/3 Wisdom: Taken for the increased critical again. The additional points don't pay off as well as the first point so only one is necessary.

Tier 7:

1/3 Flame Tornado: Instant cast AoE damage and movement speed increase to self. Good for both damage in PvE and PvP and escape in both. This spell is strong and should be used in conjunction with other AoEs to do a pounding.

2/2 Imbalance: Your spells will cause a stacking debuff on the enemy. Great for increasing damage during boss fights. Will probably be up the entire fight for a 6% overall increase in damage.

What about other trees?
Some people opt to move into the starter skills of other trees. I don't see a reason to with sorcerer since so many heavy damage spells are available to them. There is no reason to look for self heals because honestly, this build requires a player to be aware and actively dodge and at high levels sorcerer's won't survive a hit anyway. 

Why no Frost?
Frost skills are tailored for PvP. Actually, even in my PvP build for Sorcerers I generally only put one point in each frost skill. Fire is so powerful that it can't be ignored, this build takes the high damage and pumps it up a notch. The only way this is possible is by taking the five points or so a player would put into frost and stack them into fire.

Meteor vs Pillar
For PvE purposes Pillar is the way to go. The low Cooldown makes this skill frequently up for group mob pulls. It also is instant cast which makes it great for casting and getting away since you will be required to actively dodge.

Cloth is the only set I personally would use. A lot of people opt for leather though. I find that leather lacks the intellect you would want on it and doesn't offer enough survivability for the damage lost. It offers more agility which will increase your critical rate, which is huge for fire, but in the end I still prefer cloth for the pure Int/EP.

Some people go sword and board. I personally prefer staff. The fact is, you should be trying to actively dodge because in the end that shield probably isn't saving you.

Pure intellect. Sorcerer's are casters and are expected to do heavy damage. Only intellect offers the means to do this and if a player opts to aim for EP they're losing damage output.

This build is meant to be a glass cannon style build. As a glass cannon it requires players to be on their toes and aware of incoming damage to avoid it. This build has a decent amount of instant casts so players can react and dodge. Take advantage of that. In Raiderz sorcerers aren't allowed to sit back and just cast one low damage spell, they need to blow the enemy up.


  1. Sorry, you said:
    "Tier 3:

    3/3 Intricacy: Increased damage from crits by 15%, this will add up quite a bit over the course of a fight and stacks well with many of your spells. Highly recommended."

    but Intricacy have a max of 5 point... You intend to say 3/5 or 5/5?

    Thanks a lot :)

  2. Tier 3 Intricacy is 0/2 now as of ver. / 02/13/2014

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