Friday, January 18, 2013

Raiderz Party Guide

Raiderz Party Guide

This Raiderz Party guide is meant to help people who are starting out understand their roles as well as what hurts a group in parties. Since Raiderz is different from most other MMOs I've noticed a lot of players really struggling with the concept of ROLES. I've seen Clerics deal damage and only heal themselves and I've seen Defenders let Berserkers tank because they wanted to deal damage. I've also seen Berserkers whine about not being healed while running all over the place avoiding heals. This Raiderz Party guide is meant to help address some of that.

The first thing I will touch on in this Raiderz Party guide is the concept of Roles. Previous MMOs dictated that there is a tank, a healer, and three dps. This hasn't changed. What has changed is what is expected of each of the roles now.

Tanks used to hold aggro while dps bashed the monster mercilessly. This has changed in that defenders can't soak all the hits so they need to kite a bit. Defenders are expected to do heavy CC to the mobs they are tanking and actively block as well as dodge the attacks. Because of this, tanking has more kiting to it, especially if the Defender gets low on health. This can frustrate DPS who just want the mobs/boss to stand still. Understand that sometimes the defender needs to dodge and run. Just run with him.

DPS now plays a much more active role as well. DPS needs to actively dodge and block as much damage as possible. If you are a DPS and don't actively dodge/block, you will die. The way clerics are set up in this game doesn't promote a group that takes huge damage. DPS also should be aware that when they pull aggro it's best to bring the monster back to the group that the Defender is holding if they want the monster off them. This allows the defender to get the mob off of you. If you run around yelling heal, chances are nothing will happen. You are also responsible for CCing when you can to keep the group slowed or knocked down.

Healers have the most frustrating job of all in Raiderz. Primarily because the way their heals function. In Raiderz Clerics have the difficult task of casting AoE heals on their team. If a team is close together and all of them are inside the heal ring, its easy. As soon as one player starts running around, it becomes very hard. Lets say a tank has 80% health, and two berserkers have 60% and 30%. If they stay relatively close, the Clerics heal will bring the Defender up to 90%, the first berserker up to 70% and the last berserker up to 40%. This will happen at the cost of one spell cast. Lets say MR. 30% decides to run out of the group yelling heal. The Cleric will have to heal him at the cost of one cast, then heal the other two at the cost of one cast, costing double the energy and taking twice as long. This means also that by this time the the Defender and 60% zerk, are probably both at their original values or lower since they probably took damage.

That brings me to my next point. DODGING MITIGATES DAMAGE, NOT RUNNING AROUND THE ENTIRE DAMN ROOM. If you are a berserker, stay with the group and take the group heals and when the enemy attacks, dodge. In the same scenario above, if all three players in the fray can dodge to avoid damage and let the Cleric get multiple heals off, they will all be 100% in no time.

One of the best parts about Raiderz is the active element in it, but as a result I think we have players who feel the need to run all over the place to avoid damage when you can avoid it while standing right next to the boss.

The key elements I hope people pull away from this Raiderz Party Guide is that dodging is important for everybody, and if you're going to run around, run around as a group.

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