Saturday, December 8, 2012

Defender DPS Build

Some people like to play all the classes with an emphasis on damage, and there's nothing wrong with this. As long as a Defender is able to still accomplish their job there is no reason to worry about them being focused on dealing damage. This build revolves around dealing heavy damage.

Pros and Cons:

High Damage
High Mobility
High CC

Lower Survivability
Timing based

Skill Build:

Tier 1:

5/5 Strike of Ruin: Heavy damage along with a sure crit on the next strike. This skill is great for getting a combo started.

5/5 Stunning Smash: Although the name makes you think there will be a stun, it's actually an interrupt that allows you to get in there and start your combo. It's also does monstrous damage in your combination with shield slam.

1/3 Rush: A chase and stun maneuver. It also triggers counterattack which is a key element in playing Defenders. Keep in mind it can also be used to dodge.

5/5 One-Handed Weapon Mastery: 10% increase do One-Handed Damage. Enough said.

Tier 2:

3/5 Massive Strike: I would 5/5 this if points allowed. Massive damage with stun.

Tier 3:

3/3 Piercing Strike: Stacking magic and defense reduction. Great for PvE although in PvP very few targets will stay in place long enough to land it consistently. This is a mammoth dps increase not only for you, but for your group.

1/3 Rapid Assault: A stun that does not remove counterattack makes this a nice one for stopping/stunlocking enemies. It's also a stepping stone to Shield Slam  so it's a must take.

1/1 Fortifying Should: You need the stamina generation and honestly you need to get to the roar which is necessary in PvP and bad group pulls in PvE.

Tier 4:

1/3 Chaotic Strike: Damage attack that interrupts and regains your stamina if it lands. It's a nice skill to have in both PvE and PvP.

2/5 Slam: I would 5/5 this if points allowed. Massive damage and stun. Although it's on a long cooldown and more useful in PvP, this skill just does solid damage.

Tier 5:

3/5 Shield Slam: A very powerful skill. I would place more points in this if they were available. It's a very powerful attack with a stun and your main follow up to stunning smash.

1/3 Encouraging shout: You will virtually never use this and are only using it to get to threaten.

Tier 6:

1/1 Evasive Strike: This is your only legitimate escape if you're caught off guard. Highly necessary for this build. Use it often.

Tier 7:

1/3 Threaten: Although it doesn't have a pure effect on your damage, you are lacking survivability, making this a handy oh shit button.

Sorcerer Tier 1:

1/3 Ice Arrow: Good for pulling and chasing enemies. The best part is it can be cast while moving. Very necessary for safer pulls in dungeons.

1/5 Ice Thorns: AoE slow. Primarily used for grouping mobs in PvE and snaring players in PvP. Very necessary since slowing your enemies may save your life.

Why no comeback?

Because in order for you to be useful in PvE and PvP with this build you will need to focus on either avoiding damage entirely or stunning your way out. A slow heal isn't going to save you.

Why go into Sorcerer Tree?

Defenders don't have a ranged pull for PvE so Ice Arrow is helpful in that. They have stuns in PvP but if they can't slow to catch a player those stuns are useless, it also adds an escape mechanism for them.

Plate. No arguments. Just plate. You will want to focus on plate with strength on it. If you really want to push heavy dps you could swap into mail, but...just no.

Sword and Board. By far the best option but also using mace and shield is viable.

Strength. In a dps build only strength is acceptable. Your skills have massive increases in damage since it's not expected for defender to push damage. This means you will burst extremely high with strength.

The toughest part of this build is you don't just sit there and take the pain, you avoid it and dish it out. This build is designed for you to rush in, lay out ruin, lay out stunning smash and shield slam, then pound out more heavy damage CC until your combo is off cooldown. In a PvE environment you're going to be dodging, blocking, and striking back with huge damage. Keep in mind you will need to try to avoid damage by using evasive strike on CD and slowing the enemies with frost skills. Overall, Raiderz allows for Defender DPS Builds, but with the strength they bring, players need to learn to dodge instead of always block.

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